Not all instrument bags or cases are the same

May 19, 2017

Access Bags & Cases has a wide range of hard bags and cases. Let us guide you through some of the biggest differences and discover which bag fits your needs.

UpStart Bags

UpStart Series was designed to provide players with an alternative to the flimsy beginner guitar bags that don’t do much more than protect an instrument from dust and rain. The UpStart bag quite literally stands up to the competition with a rigid HardCell™ high-density foam core that gives our bag the backbone to offer true protection. And with additional features like backpack-straps and a generous portfolio pocket, the UpStart bag earns points for portability and convenience, too. With Access’s OEM resources in play, they’re able to offer this well-stocked entry-level bag at a very light entry-level price.

Stage One Bags

Offering over an inch-thick core of this superior high-density, closed-cell HardCell™ foam, the Stage One Series establishes a 'Very Good' baseline with a gig bag that is comparable to the ‘deluxe’ gig bags offered by other companies. Access focused its design entirely on protection, eschewing investment in trendy finishes and more trivial amenities. With a rugged 600 denier nylon exterior, a zippered portfolio pouch, padded backpack straps and heavy duty handles and zippers, the Stage One Hard Bags deliver that perfect blend of lightweight utility and heavy-duty, professional-level protection at a price that every player can afford.

‍Stage Three Bags

Stage Three Hard Bags combine the superior shock absorption of heavily padded bags with the solid hard shell protection of cases. Beneath Stage Three’s boutique luggage-grade exterior lurks a composite shell that blends layers of HardCell™ high-density foam with single-wall polymer panels. With a good balance of rugged protection, lightweight and well-padded "carry-ability" and ample convenient storage, Stage Three is the gigging-musician's tool bag and the road-warrior's weapon of choice.

Stage One Cases

The Stage One case establishes a ‘Very Good’ standard by offering professional-level protection at a beginner-friendly price. A layer of HardCell™ closed-cell foam will hug your guitar while a padded pick box provides additional support for its neck. Access bypassed the oft-used particle board shell in favour of a higher-grade proprietary 3ply cross-grain plywood then added thicker 5ply walls to increase crush-protection and wrapped it all in a rugged scuff-resistant vinyl.

Stage Three Cases

Access improved the ‘Very Good’ professional-standard Stage One case by providing an even thicker layer of HardCell™ closed-cell foam (which offers better shock absorption, thermal insulation, and resistance to impact, puncture and moisture than more commonly used open-cell foams) in the lining of the Stage Three cases. The walls are also thickened and are built from our highest-grade proprietary 5ply cross-grain plywood. Archtop lids also increase the protection strength substantially as does the heavier-duty vinyl exterior. Access also upgraded the interior with a plusher fabric cover for the lining and neck guard. A Stage Three case will allow you to house and travel anywhere with your precious instrument worry-free and with just a bit of the opulence your beautiful instrument deserves.

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